Gensini, in the plastics moulding sector for over 50 years.

The Company is leader in the production of house, garden, kitchen items as well as furnishings. It relies upon a covered area of over 2,000 square meters, including showroom, administrative office, commercial and technical divisions, production and workshop departments. The use of advanced technological equipment, the staff expertize and the organization of production on 24-hour shifts allow the company to guarantee its customers quality, flexibility, speed in the production process of the moulded products and the moulds themselves.


High technology and extreme hi-quality raw materials allow us to respond at best to our customers.

The Moulding Division has xx machines for the production of our articles and counts xx production workers. With these numbers, the company is able to produce around 500,000 items per month.


Conception, design, implementation and testing of the equipment, these are the activities of our moulds division. The Division designs and manufactures moulds either on behalf of the same company and for third parties. The department is constituted by a design office and a modern mechanical workshop, made up of xx skilled workers. Thanks to the moulding division support each mould produced for the company itself or for third parties can be tested and finalised before the delivery or the final production.


The research and development department supports the customers in the phases of conception and design of products. Gensini, for years next to its customers and attentive to market trends, can meet various requirements from the products design until their engineering. Modern software is used for the equipment design, that helps optimizing the filling of the mould and to obtain the best performances of the finished product.