About us

Gensini Srl is an up-and-coming company, well oriented towards innovation while at the same time boasting a sound experience that dates back to the advent of the world of plastic materials at the end of the sixties. With their knack of anticipating market demands and their careful combination of marketing know-how and entrepreneurial intuition, they unite their productive skills with mould construction techniques, for which the company, since its origins 1950, is one of the most representative companies in this field on an international level. Gensini Srl is an outstanding reference point in the sector of items in plastic materials for everyday use. The use of superior quality materials and high tech transformation techniques allows for creating products that ensure ease of use, and offer aesthetic and economic advantages, while at thesame time being environment-friendly and thus guaranteeing man’s wellbeing. The ongoing research into the innovation of products via creativity with top-of-the-range quality and functionality is, and will always be, the main goal aimed at meeting the customer’s needs, regardless of the changing styles, requirements and aspirations.

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